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Boee Beshalom
Author: Dov Farkas
Publisher: AD


  Product Description
Introducing the debut solo album of Dov Farkas from Australia.

Currently one of Australia's most favourite Chazanim, Dov Farkas has joined forces with Moshe Laufer to create this unique blend of modern chasidic music, and heart-filled chazonus.

Accompanied by a world class orchestra and choir with songs composed and arranged by Moshe Laufer, this new CD once again shows why Moshe Laufer is considered the foremost Jewish songwriter and musical arranger of our time.

The new CD also features a surprise duet with Dov's father, the world famous Chazan Shimon Farkas, who sing a memorable renodition of " Simcho Leartzecho " by R Shlomo Carlebach zl.

We are proud to present the unique talent of Dov Farkas from Australia, who we are sure will engage you with his powerfully warm voice and soul-stirring music.
  • 1 Ato Kodosh
  • 2 Oidcho
  • 3 Omar
  • 4 Ki Lashem
  • 5 Boee
  • 6 Menucha
  • 7 Ivdu
  • 8 Hineni
  • 9 Eishes Chayil
  • 10 Simcha
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