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Various, Gadi Elbaz (Singer), Yeedle (Singer), Dedi (Singer), Moshe Weintraub (Singer), Mordechai Ben David or MBD (Singer), Mendy Gerufi (Singer), Itzik Orle
CD $16.00
Cassette $11.00

  Product Description

A classic mix, but with brand new songs. Mordechai Ben David, Dedi, Mendy Jerufi, Yeedle, and many more artists, have put their special touch to this unique production. Israeli radio personality Menachem Toker arranged this project so you know every song will be a hit.

List of Songs:

  • Hashiveinu - MBD
  • Hamavdil - Yeedle
  • Lekabel Shovim
  • Eitan
  • Avinu Malkeinu
  • Baal Gevurot
  • Bakasha Meelokim
  • Terachem Zion
  • Vezakenu
  • Od Yishoma
  • Ke'she'hayiti Yeled
  • Machrozet Jerusalem
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