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Let's Sing Achat Shtayim
Author: Neshoma
Publisher: Sameach music

CD $16.00
Cassette $11.00

  Product Description
Numbers play a very important role in Jewish life. From the Four Cups to the Minyan song, Let's Sing Achat Shtayim is one of the most popular releases of our Education through Entertainment Series. After only one hearing, youngsters surprise their parents by beginning to count in Hebrew! Who knew learning could be as simple as Achat, Shtayim, Shalosh…?

Song List
  • Achat Shtayim
  • Hashem Is One
  • Two Eyes
  • Three is Quite a Number
  • Four Cups
  • Chamisha Chumshei Torah
  • I'm Up
  • Shabbos-A Day of rest
  • Candle Choir
  • Keili
  • Minyan
  • Achat Shtayim
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