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Comprehending the Incomprehensible
Author: Hanoch Teller
Publisher: SM

The History, Heroism and Lessons of The Holocaust. 11 CD Set


  Product Description
Comprehending the Incomprehensible - The History, Heroism and Lessons of the Holocaust

Noted author and orator, Hanoch Teller, delivers eleven lectures in this 11-CD set which describe historical events and personal accounts of survivors before and during the war years. The series provides an in-depth analysis of the political, social, religious and moral issues affecting perpetrators and victims, collaborators and resisters, apologists and rescue workers during the most appalling event of the twentieth century.

Hanoch Teller has guided thousands of people through Jerusalem's Yad Vashem, and for over two decades has lectured extensively on the Holocaust for religious and academic groups in four continents. He has acted as a consultant for dozens of Holocaust-related projects, including museums and memorials, books and films. This series is dedicated to the memory of Salek Orenstein Z"L, a Holocaust survivor devoted to Torah and Chesed.

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