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The Malavsky Family Sings Yiddish
Author: The Malavsky Family

Made In Israel
CD $16.00
Cassette $11.00

  Product Description
Song List
  • Oyfen Preypetzik
  • Das Talit'l
  • Mein Yiddishe Mamme
  • Ich Benk Aheim
  • lolinka Mein Fetale
  • Rozinkes Mit Mandlen
  • Zigt Alle Yiddalech
  • Zemer'L
  • Skrip Klezmer Skrip
  • Mir Vilen Zingen
  • Mamme's Vieg Lied
  • Vo Is Dos Gesele
  • Shir Chanucha
  • Du Sheinst Vi Di Zin
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