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Paper Clips CD
Publisher: SM

It began as a lesson about prejudice...What happened next was a miracle.


  Product Description
In 1998, a group of Tennessee schoolchildren embarked on a class project that would change their lives and impact those of countless others around the world. Responding to a history lesson about the Holocaust, the students began collecting 11 million paper clips (a Norwegian symbol of Nazi resistance) to commemorate each of the lives lost in the concentration camps. As news of the Paper Clip Project spread through the Internet, the children found themselves aided by total strangers in their effort to build a permanent memorial to tolerance and diversity in their schoolyard. Filmmakers Elliot Berlin and Joe Fab document the project in their documentary, PAPER CLIPS, for a moving testament to Margaret Mead's assertion that 'a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.'


Audio Commentary - Elliot Berlin, Joe Fab - Co-Directors
Deleted Scenes
Featurette - 1. The Journey of the Railcar
Featurette - 2. Student Visits to Ground Zero and Germany
Featurette - 3. Memorial Dedication
Featurette - 4. Student/Teacher Lessons

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