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Shlomo Carlebach Sings With Children of Israel
Author: SC
Publisher: SM

Made In Israel
CD $16.00
Cassette $11.00

  Product Description
Shlomo loved children and taught us constantly about how to relate to our children. This production of Shlomo singing accompanied by children's voices will bring as much warmth and joy to your soul as it would to his.

Song List
  • U'bneh Otah
  • Lecha Ezbach
  • U'venay Yerushalayim
  • V'ye'atayu
  • V'Eineinu Tirena
  • V'Hareinu
  • Ein K'Elokeinu
  • Ahavas Olam
  • V'hashev Cohanim
  • Eliyahu HaNavi
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