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A World of Midos - Bereishis CD
Author: Rabbi Fishel Schachter & Rabbi Yonasan Schwartz
Publisher: SM


  Product Description
  • Bereishis-The Reward for Remaining Silent
  • Noach-Stealing of Any Kind
  • Lech L'cha-Simple Emunah
  • Vayeirah-Doing a Mitzvah with a Smile
  • Chayei Sara-Never Question the Torah's Words
  • Toldos-The Root of all Bad Midos
  • Vayeitzei-Seeds of Truth & Honesty
  • Vayishlach-Learning to be Responsible
  • Vayeishev-Fire vs. Embarrasing your Friend
  • Mikeitz-Don't Bow to your Borsalino
  • Vayigash-How to be Zoche to 'Eliyahu Hanavi'
  • Vayechi-Feeling the Pain of Others
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