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Joseph In Egypt - Vol 6
Author: Punchkees
Publisher: AD

DVD $12.00
Cassette $11.00
Video $13.00

  Product Description
Let's get the kinderlach into the mood for learning as the Punchkees perform on this new episode. They will learn the story of Joseph, from an innocent child to ruler of the most powerful nation of that time. They will also learn the fundamental story of the 10 plagues, which ultimately led to the exodus of the Jewish People from Egypt. The Punchkees is a series based on Jewish educational values. It includes episodes about Yomim Tovim (Jewish Holidays), Parshas Hashavua (the weekly Torah portion), and other educational topics. The practical, yet subtle educational messages are so profound because they are presented through highly entertaining characters with whom the children can identify. Interspersed with fun and educational lessons on how to interact with others, the Punchkees is designed to spark children's interest and imagination, keeping them entertained for hours. The endearing characters will capture their hearts and the messages will enter their souls. Your children will always clamor for more, insisting "The Punchkees make my day!"

Running Time: 39 minutes

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