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Shabbat Synagogue Companion (CD)

Quickly Learn the Prayers and Songs of the Shabbat Services! also Bok
Book - 10.00 $14.95
CD - 14.95 $14.95

  Product Description
Sing along in the synagogue! Learn the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat services, so you can join and sing along with ease. Includes 27 of the most popular tunes and prayers from Friday night and Shabbat day davening in a typical synagogue. Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of the Shabbat services.

Pause at each congregational reading or song and learn the words and melodies as they are clearly read and sung aloud.

Wouldn't it feel great to be able to participate more fully in the Synagogue Shabbat services? Well now you can! With easy-to-read explanations and clear instructions, this guide to the prayer services of both Friday evening and Shabbat morning maps each prayer and explains its origin, meaning, and historical significance, and includes English transliterations of key prayers for those who don't read Hebrew but want to read or sing along. Also included are instructions for common synagogue honors such as opening the Ark or being called to the Torah. Makes for a more informed, educated experience next time you are in the synagogue. Ideal for beginners and regulars alike, get a copy for each of your family members and friends!
  • 1. L'chu N'ran'na
  • 2. Shiru La-shem
  • 3. Mizmor L'Dovid
  • 4. L'cha Dodi
  • 5. Sh'ma - V'ohavta
  • 6. Mi Chomocha
  • 7. Va-y'chulu
  • 8. Mogein Avos
  • 9. Oleinu
  • 10. V'al Kein
  • 11. Al Tiro
  • 12. Hodu La-shem Ki Tov
  • 13. Ho-aderes
  • 14. Boruch She-omar
  • 15. Ashrei
  • 16. Yishtabach
  • 17. Keil Adon
  • 18. Lokeil Boruch
  • 19. Shira Chadosho
  • 20. Nakdishoch
  • 21. Modim
  • 22. Vayihi Binsoah
  • 23. Bay Ano Rochitz
  • 24. L'cho Adoshem
  • 25. V'zos Hatorah/Aytz Chaim
  • 26. Hu Elokeinu
  • 27. Ain Kelokeinu
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