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Shabbos With The Werdygers
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Featuring R' Dovid, Mordechai (MBD), Mendy, Yeedle, Sruly, Mayer, and Chaim.


  Product Description
Cantor Dovid Werdyger, the patriarch of the Werdyger family is both a renowned singer and composer whose music continues to be sung all over the globe. A unique blend of musical artistry and heartfelt Chassidic warmth is Reb Dovid’s hallmark.

During World War II, he was incarcerated in several concentration camps and through it all, his faith remained steadfast and strong.

Soon after liberation, he moved to America where he won acclaim for his vocal talents and dispersed joy and hope to many through his music.

It became apparent to Chaim that many families were not singing Shabbos Zemiros, often because they did not know any tunes. It was this awareness that launched the production of this album. Our sages teach us that “one who recites Zemiros brings goodness to the world –Hashem cleaves to him that heeds His call and supports the world”.
Zemiros have been passed down throughout the generations imbuingShabbos with loftiness and spirituality.
As a pioneer of Chassidic music Reb Dovid passed on this legacy to his children, grandchildren and the rest of the world. Now, three generations of Werdygers are proud to present to you a rich collection of traditional Friday night Zemiros.

Arranged in a sing-along format, this album will be enjoyed by new comers looking to add this important dimension to their Shabbos table as well as those who regularly sing Shabbos Zemiros.

It is the sincere hope of Reb Dovid, Srul, Mordechai, Chaim, Mendy, Yeedle, Meyer and Sruly that by singing these Zemiros at your Shabbos table you will add yet another dimension of holiness, beauty and meaning to your Shabbos.
  • 1 Lecha Dodi
  • 2 Lo Sevoishi
  • 3 Shalom Aleichem
  • 4 Eishes Chayil MBD
  • 5 Azamer Bishvochin MBD
  • 6 Ze Hoois
  • 7 Meein Olam Haboh 1
  • 8 Meein Olam Haboh 2
  • 9 Bayom Hashabbos
  • 10 Kadsheinu
  • 11 Yismechu
  • 12 Kol Mekadesh
  • 13 Menucha Vesimcha
  • 14 Ma Yedidus
  • 15 Vezakeinu
  • 16 Perok
  • 17 Rachem 1
  • 18 Rachem 2
  • 19 Ravrevin
  • 20 Hashabbos
  • 21 Yibone
  • 22 Ko Ribon
  • 23 Tzur Mishelo
  • 24 Shir Hamalos
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