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Hupp Cossack!
Author: Avraham Fried
Publisher: SM

Arranged by Moshe Laufer
CD $17.00
Cassette $11.00

  Product Description
Avraham Fried is one of the most widely recognized and sought after entertainers in the Jewish world today. His unique performing style reverberates with inspirational passion and high energy. Strumming upon the heartstrings of his listeners, Avraham opens new dimensions in Jewish music.

With cutting edge performances in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, Fried’s compelling blend of traditional and popular music resonates with messages of hope, deliverance and fulfillment. His music, employing the latest sounds of the nineties, is infused with soul and spirit that uplifts and rewards audiences around the world.

Song List
  • Nigun Simcha
  • Essen Esst Zich
  • "Hupp Cossack!"
  • Nigun for Shabbos
  • Nigun Simcha
  • Keli Ata
  • Nyeh Zhuritsi
  • Ach Lailokim
  • Nigun Simcha
  • Haneiros Halolu
  • Nigun Simcha
  • Tzomoh Lecho Nafshi
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