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piamenta songs of the rebbes
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Do you remember going to a wedding and seeing all the men standing in a tight circle around the stage, pretending not to look? You always knew the reason: That's right, the Piamentas are on! And here they are, playing something different and very special. Not some new "hits" -- but the real thing. The old nigunim of The Rebbes. Belz, Kaliv, Lubavitch, Satmar, Stolin, Visnitz and many, many more. Dozens of your favorite, ageless nigunim -- done in that irresistably alive and kicking Piamenta way! Enjoy!
  • Echod Yochid U’myuchod
  • U’vchein Tzaddikim
  • Al Yedai Zeh
  • A Gut Yohr
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