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The Rescue Reward p-4446
Author: by Rabbi Yosef Pruzansky


  Product Description
The Storyteller Series for Children Presents: The Rescue Reward by Rabbi Yosef Pruzansky

The Rescue Reward is a true story about the Shaages Aryeh and his adopted son Refoel. The young boy is kidnapped and held in a undisclosed location. A simple tailor is put to the task of rescuing the boy and is promised by the Tzadik of a special reward. Indeed, in the end, the Tzadik's promise is fulfilled in a wondrous way.

Over an hour long, this story will hold children spellbound again and again. Complete with beautiful music, unreal sound effects, plenty of comic relief and great personalities.

This story is told by Rabbi Yosef Pruzanksy, teacher in 2nd Grade at Darchei Noam in Monsey, NY
  • The Shammas' Son
  • Midnight In the Monastery
  • Where Is Refoel?
  • The Dream
  • Kaili
  • Secret Plans
  • The Rescue
  • An Unsuccessful Search
  • Time Moves On
  • The Tailor's Secret
  • The Reward Fulfilled
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