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The Best of Rechnitzer Rejects
Author: Davidson, Martin
Publisher: SM


  Product Description
The wacky, Brooklyn-based chasidic band, led by the British-born Martin Davidson, is best known for such side-splitting send-ups as "I'm Getting Maftir in the Morning" and the unforgettable "Sitting in the Shvitz," sung to the tune of "Puttin' on the Ritz." The Rechnitzers are worthy heirs to the madcap tradition of Mickey Katz and Spike Jones, and those who aren't fans yet should use this opportunity to get acquainted with their classic material. Start either with their 1995 "Best of" album or, if you want to get seriously silly, with Volume 3, which includes "Sitting in the Shvitz," and Volume 4, featuring "Stayin' a Levi," "Shake, Shukkel and Bowl" (how you spend Sukkot in the Catskills) and "Balabustas" ("Who you gonna call?") You'll end up buying the whole set. (The Forward staff)
  • 1 Boro Park
  • 2 A Meshulach In Town
  • 3 Shabbos Bei Dem Tisch
  • 4 Torah Portion Isn't Mine
  • 5 Cantor in the Army
  • 6 Get Schach
  • 7 Loshon Horoh
  • 8 The Mistaken Hesped
  • 9 Schver & Schvigger
  • 10 We Heard The World
  • 11 Republican Party Broadcast
  • 12 Siting In The Shvitz
  • 13 Balabustas
  • 14 Sh... You Know Who
  • 15 Try, Try, Try...
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