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The Zmiros Project
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The practice of singing zmiros on the Sabbath constitutes one of the most beautiful and distinctively Jewish relitious rituals.
In conjunction with the 'Ain Sof: There is No End' book project at New York University, Klezmatics co-founders Lorin Sklamberg and Frank London along with Rob Schwimmer have created exhilirating lyrical arrangements of this mystical repretoire, realizing new ideals in one fo the richest genres of traditional Jewish song.
  • Sholoym Aleykhem I
  • Sholoym Aleykhem II
  • Veshomru
  • Azameyr Bishvokhin
  • Mizmoyr LeDovid
  • Omar Hashem LeYakoyv
  • Tsur MiSheloy
  • Eyliyohu HaNovi
  • Az Nisht Keyn Emune
  • A Gute Vokh
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