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Solo Artist
Neshoma - Mimkomo
Author: Sherwood Goffin
Publisher: AD


  Product Description
Sherwood "Shimon" Goffin's 1972 & 1974 best-selling (or, "hit") albums reissued on CD!

The first popular Jewish recordings to feature Grammy-winning musicians; Bostoner Niggunim, Soviet Jewry rally songs, and a treasure-trove of memories!

Who can forget "The Little Bird", "Neshomo", "Hatov", "Boruch Hamokom", "Chasal", "Kachol V'Lavan", "Mimkomo", and so many others?

Listen to "Neshomo" and "Mimkomo" once again. Enjoy the memories!

List of Songs:
  • Hu Elokeinu
  • Yom Shekulo Shabbos
  • Neshomo
  • Chasal
  • The Little Bird
  • Tayn Shabbat
  • Boruch Hamokom
  • Hatov
  • Blue and White
  • Torah Iz Beste S'chorah
  • Horachomon
  • Mimkomo
  • Eso Aynai
  • Shalom Lachem
  • Birchas Bonim
  • Habein Yakir Li
  • V'koreiv P'zureinu
  • Lo Y'chayil
  • Keil Odon
  • Misratzeh B'rachamin
  • B'rachamin
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