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Souls in Harmony - CD
Publisher: SM

Simply Tsfat - Non-stop Wedding Dance Music


  Product Description
Simply Tsfat recorded live at a wedding in Jerusalem, one hour of NON-STOP dance music - NO BREAKS between tracks! Your feet will not stop moving and the smile on your face will hurt!!! This is not a "relaxing" CD, but it will make you VERY happy
  • Od Yeshama
  • Wedding M'rakdim
  • Keitzad M'rakdim
  • Yosis Alaich
  • Asher Bara-Siman Tov
  • Oz V'hadar
  • Shabbos Koidesh
  • T'hei Hashanah Hazois
  • V'nisgav
  • Nigun from Uman
  • melech
  • Anachnu Ma'minim
  • Breslev Medley
  • Hora Medley
  • Carlebach Medley
  • Hakadosh Baruch Hu
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