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Tzitzit Techelet
Publisher: BI

The perfect addition to your Tallit project. A set of four wool Shamashim (long strings)dyed in the Techelet (bright blue) pigment, extracted from the mystical Hilazon by the Razdin Group.

Made In Israel
Avodas Yad /Thin $30.00

  Product Description
Directions: Replace the four white shamshim (long strings) in your Tzitzit Kit with the Techelet strings. Following the "Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Tzitzit" manual (included with the Tzitzit Kit), make sure to align every three short white strands with the white end of one Techelet string.
Note: According to The Razdin Group, they use the same dying process as was used in ancient times. Because the Techelet is not colorfast, some bleeding is unavoidable. To reduce the bleeding, you may presoak the strings in a solution made from half white vinegar and half salt water. Air dry the strings before tying the tzitzit.
  • Available in hand made or machine made.
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