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Requirements: PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP, 32MB RAM minimum, DVD-ROM drive, sound card
Vol 2 - Megillah -Kiddushin $79.00
Vol 1 - Brachos -Taanis $79.00
Vol 3 - Bava Kama - Horayos $79.00
Vol 4 - Zevachim - Niddah $79.00

  Product Description
Access shiurim (classes) on the Talmud, from the famous Dial-a-Daf Talmud class phone service, on your computer! Click on the on-screen daf (gemara page) to listen to a lecture. Includes all the classes given on each tractate.

Features include:

* Click on any reference in the Talmud, Rashi or Tosfos and access it instantly.
* Click on any starting point to listen to a Dial-a-Daf class.
* Click on any referenced posuk (verse) in the gemara and access it in context within Tanach.
* Click on Ein Mishpat and instantly access Rambam, Tur and Shulchan Aruch.
* Numerous reference texts and graphics

  • Volume 1 of DVDaf includes:
  • Brachos
  • Shabbos
  • Eruvin
  • Pesachim
  • Shekalim
  • Yoma
  • Sukkah
  • Beitzah
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Taanis
  • Volume 2 includes:
  • Megillah
  • Moed Katan
  • Chagigah
  • Yevamos
  • Kesubot
  • Nedarim
  • Nazir
  • Sotah
  • Gittin
  • Kidushin
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