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Puzzle Me'arat Hamachpela
Publisher: LJ

2 puzzles in one box - Me'arat Hamachpela (120pcs) and the Western Wall-Kotel (70pcs)

Made In Israel


  Product Description
Mearat Hamachpela is in the City of Hebron and is named like that because of its stature-like a cave in a cave (machpela meaning Double).This cave is the burial place of Adam and Chava, and also of the patriachs and matrirchs Abraham, Itzhak and Yaakov, Sarah,Rivka and Leah.Already in parshas Hayey Sarah it is told that Abraham bouht the place of Maarat Hamachpela from Efron for it to be used as a burial place.Chazal say that through this place the souls of the deceased go straigt up to Heaven.
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