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Keter Torah The Deal
Publisher: Ludmir Judaica

The Quality Business Game - Ages 7 to 120


  Product Description
  • Each player starts playing after he has thrown a "6" on the die.
  • Each player receives 1800 at the beginning of the game.
  • When you reach a yeshiva, you can pay for maintaining a stydy hall, a dining hall, a library or dormitory room.
  • When you reach a place you own for the second time, you can leave a Silver Crown there for the price shown on the board.
  • When you pass that place again, you can leave another Silver Crown there, up tu three in all.
  • When you pass there the fourth time you can leave a Golden Crown there for the price shown on the board.
  • If you hold four cards of the same yeshiva, youcan be a Patron of the Yeshiva at a price 500, and receive a special certificate.
  • If you hold three cards of the same yeshiva, you can suggest to your friend to buy the fourth card, at a price 50% more than the card price and the price of the Crowns you have paid for.
  • When a player passes Drekh Ts'lekha, he receives 500.
  • If a player comes to rest on Derekh Ts'lekh he receives 800.
  • When Patron of the Yeshiva passes Derekh Ts'lekha, he receives 1200.
  • If a player comes to rest on Rosh Ha Yeshiva, he moves to V'Dibbarta Bam without passing Derekh Ts'lekha, and skips a 2 turn.
  • If a player comes to rest on V'Dibbarta Bam he skips a 2 turn.
  • If you run out of money youcan sell your Crowns or your cards at purchase price, to the cashier; if you have nothing to sell, you are out of the game.
  • A player who wants to get out of the game, leaves and his cards go to the cashier.
  • You are not permitted to borrow money from other players.
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