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Ohad! Live in New York
Publisher: SM

Featuring Kinderlach, Yishai Lapidot and Ohad Moscowitz!


  Product Description
Israel's singing sensation, the Kinderlach, Yishai Lapidot and The Shabbatones, all performing live in New York. Since this momentous event, the producers have been hard at work editing the footage for the most talked about DVD in the last few years. If you weren't there, here's your chance to have a front row seat!

  • Moriah
  • Allo
  • Evenu Shalom
  • Hava Nagial
  • Od Avinu Chai
  • Yevarecha
  • Ose Shalom
  • Rak Yeladim
  • Shir Lamalot
  • Elokim Sheli
  • Tov Lehodot
  • Mizrachi Medley
  • Vesamacha
  • Shmor Na Aleinu
  • Hakadosh Baruch Hu
  • Moshiach
  • Avinu
  • Zocheini Na
  • Shalom Aleichem
  • Mi Yiten
  • Yetzav
  • Mispalelim
  • Lifnei Mi
  • Pia Patcha
  • Yachad
  • Mizrachi Medley
  • Nissim
  • Shema Israel
  • Chavivin
  • Nigun Neshama
  • Medley Final
  • Veerastich
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