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Do You Believe In Miracles?
Author: Hanoch Teller
Publisher: SM


  Product Description
Amazing coincidence? Extraterrestrial phenomenon? Or genuine miracle? When events occur that defy the laws of nature and reason, you know you are witnessing a miracle. In this widely acclaimed video docudrama, award-winning author and producer, Hanoch Teller, presents over an hour's worth of incredible-but-true stories of extraordinary miracles in everyday lives — powerful evidence of the Almighty's constant involvement in mankind's existence. These inspiring true tales, reenacted by top performers, fully orchestrated by leading musicians and enhanced by state of the art graphics and effects, are a heartwarming and captivating celebration of Divine Providence and Jewish Pride. An unforgettable experience, this DVD will make you laugh, cry, cheer, but most of all... believe! This is the ideal package of wholesome education (and kiruv) for your doctor, neighbor, teacher, grandchild, babysitter, car-pool savior... the possibilities are numerous; the inspiration infinite! It is a masterpiece of inspiration that viewers of all ages will cherish for a lifetime and families will want to see again and again. The DVD features interactive menus, scene selection, instroduction by radio personality and best-selling author and renowned film critic, Michael Medved, and an extensive interview with the producer, Hanoch Teller. DVD Bonus: 20 minutes of special features. (Approximately 62 minutes, Color, English)
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