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Sefirat Ha'omer Calendar
Publisher: LJ

Wall-Hanging, Daily Tear-Off, Omer Calendar. Hebrew only.
Blue $6.00
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  Product Description
"And you shall count for yourselves - from the day after the holiday, from the day on which the waved Omer Offering is brought, seven complete weeks. Until (but not including) the day after the Seventh Week, you shall count (until) the fiftieth day, and you shall bring a new Meal Offering to Hashem."

Jewish Tradition interprets the words "Mi'Mochorat HaShabbat," as meaning "from the day after the holiday," rather than the day after Shabbat, or Sunday. "Holiday" here means the first day of Passover. Thus, the day of the week on which Shavuot, the fiftieth day after the beginning of the count, falls, varies and is not always Sunday.

There was a group, called the Tzedukim, who rejected the Traditions of the Rabbis. They interpreted the Torah strictly literally, and insisted that HaShabbat, as in the above verse, meant only the Seventh Day; for them, Shavuot therefore always fell on Sunday. They accepted only the Written Law, but rejected the Oral Law.

For example, when the Torah says, "Lo teva'aru esh b'chol moshvoteichem b'Yom HaShabbat," "Do not light any fire in all your dwellings on the Day of Shabbat," they understood that to mean that Jews were to stay in cold, dark houses, and eat only cold food on Shabbat. The Oral Law would explain that a pre-existing flame, lit before Shabbat, was OK; it was not the Torah's intention that we should not have any flame, just that we should not light a flame! (How could we possibly have survived without hot chicken soup and chulent?)

The beauty of "Halachah," the Jewish way of life, which recognizes both the Written and the Oral Law as being of Divine Origin, is that it is able to harmonize statements which may appear unreasonable by themselves with the clarifying light and interpretation of the Oral Law, which also came from Sinai. (What, after all, was Moshe doing for forty days and forty nights on Mount Sinai, if not learning and internalizing the Oral Law from the Master Teacher!)

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